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Guidelines for Application to Financial Support by Aisosh Ethiopia ! e.V.


- The Applicant has to be born, grown up and educated in South Omo Region
- The Applicant must at least have completed 10th grade
- At the time of his or her application the applicant should not have started his vocational training or studies at University. In case he or she has already started the application at Aisosh must be especially explained.
- The applicant should not be older than 30 years. Exceptions can be made if the completion of high school does not lie back more than 5 years at time of application.

The application should entail

- 1 Curriculum Vitae with Photograph, should answer the following questions
- Where was the applicant born and grew up?
- Which schools did he attend and when? (write down years)
- Was the school education ever interrupted and if yes why?
- Marital status (is applicant married, has children, if yes, how many)
- Does the applicant have any professional work experience? If yes, where and how long (write down employer and years)
- 2 References
- Copies of school leaving certificate.
- 2 Reference addresses (postal, email and/or telephone) of reputable citizens of South Omo, foreign researchers or the like whom Aisosh Ethiopia! e.V. can contact for further information. (We prefer personal contact if needed, so no need to provide reference letters)
- 3 Letter of motivation
- Which training does the applicant achieve?
- What are the applicant’s aims for the future (future job and motivation for choice of study)
- 4 Information about chosen college or university
- Which college or university has been chosen?
- Address of Institution (postal and e-mail)
- When does tuition start?
- How many years does the chosen course take and which degree does the applicant achieve? (certificate, diploma, university degree)
- How much is the school fee in case of private college? (per month, per year)
- Is there any fee to be paid in advance for registration? If yes, when?
- Is applicant offered housing and food by teaching institution or does he/she need support for that?

All questions should be answered to best knowledge of applicant. Assistance with the application can be sought via e-mail at
Applications have to be submitted before August 15 for those who have completed their national exam in the previous year(s). Those who do their national exams in the year of application should submit their documents, including their school report of the previous year until August 15. The results of their national exam can be submitted later, but latest 2 weeks after the results of the national exam have been announced.
An elected committee of Aisosh Ethiopia will decide on the individual applications. On the basis of the applicants of school grades, knowledge of English, age of applicant, professional experience and individual motivation, decisions will be made until the end of September or, in case the national exam has been delayed, two weeks after the results of the national exam have been announced.
Only complete applications addressed at our postal or our email address can be taken into consideration. Applicants will be informed by postal or by e-mail about the result of their application.
Rejected applicants may be advised to apply again in the subsequent year.

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