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Conditions of the contract

1. Students receiving financial support by Aisosh Ethiopia must regularly attend school, University, or a job-training.

a. If a grantee drops out of school, training or studies, the sponsorship will immediately come to an end. If the members of Aisosh have any doubts about the willingness of the student to perform at his or her best, Aisosh can contact the teachers or trainers of his or her institution.
b. If a grantee is forced to miss their education for more than two weeks (eg. because of sickness), they need to inform Aisosh and explain their reasons.
c. Aisosh shall regularly be informed of the grades and the exam results of the grantees.
d. All grantees are expected to regularly attend the Aisosh social gatherings.

2. The coverage of the sponsorship.

a. The sponsorship is calculated on an individual basis and is designed to cover the a) living expenses; housing and food, b) school fees, c) and other expenses such as transport, clothing and medicaments. The grantee should also be able to afford the transport cost to and from his or her hometown, to visit their family. If the grantee already receives support from any other institution or private sector fund for living expenses, Aisosh will cover the remainder of the above listed costs.
b. A grantee may apply to receive a higher amount of sponsorship if they have dependents and need to support them. This exceptional agreement will be noted on an extra paper.
c. A grantee is entitled to apply for an extra payment in crisis situations that may cover, for example, hospital treatment or the cost of an extra trip to their home town if a close relative has died.
d. The receipts of school fees must be forwarded to Aisosh.

3. Grantee to Aisosh contact duties.

a. Results, future career objectives and personal problems concerning schooling and training, may be discussed privately with members of Aisosh.
b. If the grantee receives regular financial support from any other institution or private sponsor, Aisosh must immediately be informed. The need for support will then be verified, and readjusted.
c. Grantees are only allowed to work during holidays. Only exceptionally and upon approval from Aisosh, can a grantee work during the course of their studies / training.
d. Aisosh expects every grantee to be honest about everything concerning their studies. If they hide their bad exam results or profits from another regular source of income, Aisosh may decide this to be a reason for the termination of financial support.